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Your Eye Care Prescription

We will only supply contact lens wearers who have a current (less than two years old) prescription that has been provided by your eye care professional.  The lenses must be exactly the same brand and specifications as those last prescribed by your eye care professional

A contact lens prescription is NOT the same as a spectacle prescription.

A contact lens consultation checks your eye health and ensures that your eyes are still suitable for the wearing of contact lenses.  Contact lenses come in several materials, many sizes and designs – some of which may not be suitable for some patient’s eyes. Your optometrist will advise you as to which type of lens is most suitable.

Coloured lenses purely for fashion purposes still require a contact lens prescription, even if these have no power they must be fitted correctly and under supervision.


By ticking the contact lens wearer box, you are confirming that :-

  • You are an experienced contact lens wearer.
  • Contact lens wear carries certain risks.
  • You understand that correct care for your lenses will reduce risks.
  • You have been advised by your eye care professional, of the replacement and wearing schedules for the specific lenses being ordered, and that changing this advice could cause risks to you ocular health.
  • You will not share contact lenses with friends, as this can lead to dangerous eye conditions.
  • You understand the need for regular ocular health checks and should any advice be required, that you will contact your eye care specialist.
  • You understand that should there be any redness, excessive watering, blurring or sensitivity to glare that you must remove your contact lenses and see your eye care professional without delay.

The information that you enter for the contact lenses that you are ordering, is a true and accurate copy of that supplied by your eye care professional.

The manufacturer and brand name must be the same as your present supply.

You certify that you have a valid prescription.

You understand that Student Contact Lenses will not dispense your order unless you have a valid prescription.

You certify that any renewal is in accordance with you provider’s regime.

You consent to us contacting your provider in order to verify your information.

By ordering lenses you are confirming that you have not had any corneal operation and have not been advised to cease wearing contact lenses.

You are aware that a coloured contact lens with no power requires the same care and handling as any other contact lens.


We reserve the right not to supply lenses that we feel may not be in accordance with the prescription of your eye care specialist.


We take the security of your information very seriously, so appreciate your trust in giving us your details.

We will not sell, exchange or divulge any private or personal details unless required by law.

We solely use your details in the supplying of your order and they are not on-sold.

We do not use third party advertising companies.

By providing your email address, you are agreeing to allow us to communicate with you regarding this email transaction.

Credit card details are not retained on any of our databases.



Your personal details are stored securely. Only authorised users can access this information.

StudentContactLenses.com.au is a secure site employing respected SecurePay for financial transactions. We only see the bank’s reference to your payment.

All financial transactions details are as secure as using a bank teller machine.

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